Schunk 301032 MMS 22-S-M8-PNP Electronic Magnetic Switch

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Schunk 301032 MMS 22-S-M8-PNP Electronic Magnetic Switch


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Advantages – Your benefit

  • Installation into the sensor groove for space-saving, easy and fast assembly
  • Version with LED-display for checking the switching position directly at the sensor
  • Version with connector for fast and easy exchangeability of the extension cable
  • Very flexible cable in PUR-version for a long service lifetime and resistance against many chemicals

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Non-Contact. Reliable. Easy Assembly.

Electronic Magnetic Switches MMS

Magnetic switches are used for monitoring the position of automation components. They detect the approach of a magnet without contact and, above a certain switching threshold, enable their output.

Field of Application

For use in the monitoring of gripping and rotary modules, linear modules, and robot accessories. Magnetic switches from SCHUNK detect metals without contact or wear, and are resistant to vibration, dust, and humidity. Magnetic switches are fitted in slots, and therefore do not form any additional interfering contours. For connection with a digital input module (utilization categorie DC-12).

Options and special Information

ATEX version EX for explosive environments

Protection class as per DIN 40050 IP67 in plugged position for the use in clean or dusty environments or if contact with water is given. Functionability in case of contact with other mediums (coolant, acids, bases, etc.) is often given, however cannot be guaranteed by SCHUNK.

Power supply 10 – 30 V DC, residual ripple < 10%

Sources of interference Sensors can be influenced by other magnetic fields in the immediate vicinity. Disturbing magnetic fields can be generated by motors, electric welders, permanent magnets or magnetized material (so-called soft magnets) such as allen keys, metal chips, etc.

More Information – PDF Download

Schunk 301032 Electronic Magnetic Switch Manufacturer Catalog Entry (PDF)

Technical Data

Schunk 0301032 MMS 22-S-M8-PNP 
ID Number0301032
Switching functioncloser
Type of switchingPNP
Product weight0.01kg
Min. ambient temperature-10°C
Max. ambient temp.70°C
Tightness IP (sensor)67
LED display in sensoryes
Type of voltageDC
Nominal voltage24V
Min. voltage10V
Max voltage30V
Voltage drop2.0V
Cable diameter D2.1mm
Min. bending radius (dynamic)21mm
Min. bending radius (static)10.5mm
Number of wires3
Wire cross section0.14mm²
Cable length L30cm
Cable connector / cable endM8

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